Sorption and Desorption of Cyantraniliprole in Soils with Different Attributes

Sorção e Dessorção de Cyantraniliprole em Solos com Diferentes Atributos




The applications of insecticides without knowledge of its interactions with the soil solution, that
contains humic substances and colloids, can result in serious environmental problems. Cyantraniliprole
is an anthranilic diamide insecticide used in seed treatment and therefore can come into direct contact
with the soil that can be leached to groundwater. This could result in negative impacts on human and
animal health, as well as a reduction in biodiversity. Thus, this work studied the sorption equilibrium
of cyantraniliprole in Brazilian soils with different attributes. The sorption percentage was low in soils
such as Red-Yellow Latosol and Red Latosol textures (% < 45). Besides, the values of Kf was low (Kf
< 24). These results suggest the high leaching potential of the insecticide due to low contents of active
sites in the soils evaluated.