Uma Proposta de Ensino de Equilíbrio Químico através de videoaula utilizando uma ferramenta de aplicação cotidiana


  • Simone Pereira da Silva Ribeiro Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Chemical Equilibrium, PowerPoint®, Video lessons, High school


The disinterest of high school students in subjects in the group of Natural Sciences, such as Chemistry, has attracted the attention of several researchers. Thus, making chemistry classes interesting for high school students has been a constant challenge for teachers. The precariousness of working conditions, in many cases, as well as the excessive theorizing of the contents can be pointed out as factors of this lack of interest. In this scenario, video lessons can be powerful tools for a better consolidation of the concepts learned. PowerPoint®, an application present in most computers and widely used in the presentation of slides in classes and lectures, is an interesting tool for the elaboration of video lessons, although it is still very little explored for this purpose. Through the PowerPoint® with the aid of an image and audio capture device, such as a cell phone, it is possible to edit classes, where the student can watch on home computers or cell phones. To illustrate the use of this important tool, a video lesson on the Displacement of the Chemical Equilibrium was developed and applied, with theory, exercises and demonstration of experiments that emphasize the applications of the Le Chatelier Principle to a class of 3rd year of High School, from Colégio Pedro II, Campus São Cristóvão III and other from Colégio Militar RJ. This video class can be applied in different moments of the school routine, such as support classes, recovery, revision, or even laboratory activities, depending on the institution's difficulties. It was possible to observe that there was a greater understanding of the concepts related to the theme in question by the students after the application of the proposed video lesson.