Procedimentos para Desenhar Conformações do Ciclo-hexano, Ciclo-hexeno e Decalinas




Among the traditional areas of chemistry, organic chemistry stands out as it often requires visual
representations to understand its inherent points deeply. To address the somewhat scattered or imprecise
instructions for the drawing of cyclohexane and decalines, and the apparent lack of methods for cyclohexene
in the literature, we have developed systematic and detailed procedures that aim to aid the students to
represent these structures accurately, enabling them to acquire a complete understanding of the needed
key points and enhance their ability to draw structural formulas for chair and boat conformations to
cyclohexane, half-chair to cyclohexene, and trans and cis decalines. To improve the accessibility to nonnative Portuguese speakers, the procedure to draw each conformation is available in English and Spanish
in the supplementary material and as a PowerPoint archive for the instructors.


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