Análise de Dados de Metabolômica em Produtos Naturais: uma Revisão-Tutorial




The incredible natural diversity that we can admire at different ecosystems is a result of genetic
combinations along with complex metabolic reactions. For centuries, mankind has learned from nature and
used its resources to improve the quality of our life. Therefore, the better understanding of the metabolites
hole in living organisms’ metabolism and/or in ecological interactions represent a potential strategy to
streamline several processes under investigation, such as drug development. In this context, metabolomics
has emerged as an indispensable tool to analyze the metabolites in biological systems through spectral
information. Metabolomics has been applied to answer biological questions of increasing complexity,
which demands robust methodologies to assure reproducibility and reliability in the results presented to the
scientific community. Hence, this tutorial-review covers a step-by-step guide for metabolomics analysis,
including free available tools. Data acquisition and the main steps of data processing are presented, and
we also address commonly applied statistical analysis and data visualization approaches that can improve
the comprehension and interpretation of complex datasets. In addition, we discuss some annotation tools
and bring up good practices and how to apply them. This work provides background on resources and
concepts needed from all the researchers interested in this topic.