Prospecção Tecnológica e Científica de Bioprocessos de Conversão do Bagaço de Malte com Ênfase em Compostagem e Biodigestão




Brewer’s spent grain (BSG) is one of the main solid residues in the beer industry. In Brazil, the number
of beer-producing has grown, intensifying the generation of waste, mostly going to landfills and animal
feed after the brewing process. Aiming to fit the global guidelines for applying a circular economy
within the brewing scenario, the objective of this article was to carry out a technological and scientific
prospection using BSG as a raw material in bioprocesses such as composting and biodigestion. As most
of the registered establishments are small and medium-sized, economically viable sustainable processes
were sought to manage this waste. A search was carried out on the Orbit® Intelligence and Web of
Science platform on to collect the related bibliometric data, 95 patent documents and 1073 scientific
works on BSG were found during the period from 2001 to 2021. However, it was observed that large
beer-producing countries are the largest patent applicants, but they are not the largest producers of
articles. It can be observed that BSG can be used for energy applications and as a raw material for
bioprocesses. Therefore, it is important to analyze the sustainable development of the beer industry as
it has a great economic impact.

Biografia do Autor

Grace Ferreira Ghesti, Universidade de Brasília

Laboratório de Bioprocessos Cervejeiros e Catálise Aplicada a Energias Renováveis - LaBCCerVa - Instituto de Química - Universidade de Brasília