Atividade experimental como uma proposta investigativa: a produção de gás hidrogênio a partir de ácido e materiais de alumínio


  • Lizandra Maria Zimmermann FURB
  • Daniela Cristina Horst Pereira Metz Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB
  • Francielle Schmitz Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB
  • Bianca S. Alves Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB
  • Ivonete Oliveira Barcellos Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB



This article presents a proposal for an experiment as an investigative activity for a chemical reaction
between aluminum and hydrochloric acid, using aluminum-based materials in daily use, such as
packaging seals and discarded aluminum foil. The purpose of the experiment is to collect the hydrogen
gas produced to explore basic concepts of General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Using low-cost
materials that are easily accessible to schools or universities, the experiment instigates chemical thinking
and relevant practical skills. The experimental development took place from three moments of didacticpedagogical
intervention, which were evaluated and discussed throughout the text, with emphasis on
student’s participation and conceptual evolution. From the experimental data obtained, it was possible
to determine the work produced by the system at constant external pressure, given the variation in the
volume of a gas collecting syringe, to explore the stoichiometric relations, the mathematical treatment
and other properties related to the behavior of gases. The social contribution of the experiment is also
considered through the perspectives generated around the valuation of disposable packaging materials
and the didactic importance that the experimental activity has in the construction of chemical concepts.


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