Extrato de Goji Berry Como Inibidor da Corrosão do Aço Carbono ABNT 1020 em H2SO4





Corrosion is a spontaneous process that affects the metallic surface, causing environmental and financial
damages due to the early replacement of parts. One way to protect metals from corrosion is by applying
corrosion inhibitors that act through adsorption on the metal surface, blocking/reducing corrosive processes.
Conventional corrosion inhibitors are toxic to the environment and human life, so natural products are tested
in order to replace toxic inhibitors. In this work, the aqueous extract of Goji Berry (GB) was tested as a
corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel ABNT1020 in H2SO4 0,5 mol L-1 medium. The gravimetric tests showed
that the efficiency of the extract diluted at 75% V/V is 98%. The electrochemical results corroborate the
data from the gravimetric test, since for the same extract dilution, higher values of resistance to charge
transfer and lower values of current density were observed, which proves that the Goji Berry can be used
as a corrosion inhibitor of carbon steel in these conditions, as it is reducing corrosive processes.