Aqui tem Química. Parte IX. Os Alcaloides das Florestas




There is chemistry here is a series of articles that aims to show, in a didactic way, the importance of
chemistry and its presence in all the materials and drugs we use on a daily basis. The most important
natural products can only be obtained if forests are conserved. This essay is not a comprehensive treatise
on alkaloid chemistry, as there are many textbooks detailing and updating this important class of natural
products. However, it intends to give a diversified didactic, historical and biological perspective of a
selected group of natural alkaloids and how they are used in the treatment of various diseases. Its main
purpose is to demonstrate that many of the drugs that are on the market for the treatment of various
diseases came from trees, shrubs and subshrubs of forests. This class of natural products has been
treating human health for millennia and many of the alkaloids that were discovered in forests came from
the knowledge accumulated in the traditional medicine of the different peoples of the world. In forest
regions where there is no network of pharmacies, much less doctors, these plants and healers continue to
be the only options for treating the health of these peoples. Destroying forests is one more step towards
the extinction of biodiversity, excluding the possibility of discovering new natural bioactive substances
and, consequently, the extinction of those people who depend so much on forests. Alkaloids represent
a large amount of complex and very intriguing natural products, produced by metabolism, especially in
the plant kingdom, but also occurring in the animal. Many of these organisms live in forest environments
and are widespread in all environments. In view of the complex connections between the production of
these metabolites by forest organisms, there is still a need for more research to explain the intersections
between alkaloids and life, in the search for explanations of why these various chemical products have
such a wide spectrum of activities. biological, as they are products involved in life processes and their
diversity is similar to the diversity of life on earth.