Advanced Glycation End Products Inhibitors from Talisia esculenta




Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are formed under hyperglycemic conditions but also during
the natural aging process. AGEs are associated with skin aging, loss of skin elasticity, and some chronic
diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, being a research topic of great relevance. Several herbal
supplements have beneficial effects on glycemic control and oxidative stress, with the consequent reduction
in the volume of AGEs during aging. In this scenario, the search for natural products with AGEs inhibition
activity has been gaining prominence due to their importance for innovation in pharmaceuticals and
cosmetics. The present study describes the investigation of natural products from Talisia esculenta with
antiglycation activity. Ten phenolic compounds were annotated by LC-MS, and the compounds present
in the leaves extracts were isolated, characterized by NMR and submitted for further in vitro studies.
Rutin and quercitrin were isolated and presented 44% and 86% antiglycation activity at 150 μg/mL. These
results open new possibilities for the use of abundant natural compounds as AGEs inhibitors, and further
studies should be performed to evaluate their use and efficacy in cosmetics formulations and even in the
treatment of AGEs-associated diseases.






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