Kinetic Study and Isotherm Analysis of Organic Matter Adsorption by a Native Cactus from the Brazilian Backwoods




Under the perspective of the animal welfare, drinking water fountains are frequently reported as of poor quality, mostly due to the excess of organic matter (OM) in solution. In this study, cactus Pilosocereus gounellei was applied in the OM removal from samples of goat drinking water. A study of the sorption process was performed using isotherms and kinetics models of adsorption, using the sorbent in natura and acid treated. After mathematical treatment, isotherm of Freundlich (type C, constant partition) and pseudo-second order kinetics were the most suited. Samples treated with acid at higher concentrations removed a larger amount of OM when compared to in natura (up to 1.6x the own weight). Thus, based on our findings, the P. gounellei is an efficient alternative adsorbent material in the OM removal from natural water, intending to the good practices in livestock and animal welfare.