Fibras Eletrofiadas Aplicadas na Remoção de Metais Pesados em Águas Residuárias da Mineração: uma Revisão Sistemática




Mineral exploitation is an important activity and, due to its complexity, presents many issues related to environmental, economical and social aspects. The presence of heavy metals over the process is one of the most concerning problems to the environment and health. The releasing of residues containing such elements can be minimized properly with the use of new technologies. This study focuses on the application of electrospinning technology in order to produce nanoscaled structures, based on a systematic literature review. The use of this technique allows the production of very innovative materials, based on poly(acrylonitrile) or chitosan, for example. They act as adsorbent for heavy metals in wastewater treatment. Some of the advantages are related to the high specific surface area and the ability to modify the matrix structure, by functionalization or adding specific materials. In conclusion, it is possible to confirm its potential application in the mining industry, as a tertiary process on the wastewater treatment to remove diverse heavy metals.






Número Especial: Química para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável