Avaliação da Mucilagem de Chia em Pó como Supressora de Poeira de Minério de Ferro e Aproveitamento do Óleo de Chia, Impróprio para o Consumo, na Produção de Biodiesel





Chia (Salvia Hispanica  L.) is a plant that allows the use of co-products and by-products. For mucilage, the influence of conventional and spray drying on the effectiveness of iron ore dust suppression was studied, and for the oil, unfit for consumption, the production of biodiesel was evaluated. Dust suppression was verified in a rail transport simulator with powdered mucilages solubilized in water and there was no difference in effectiveness, demonstrating that powder trading is possible, which can reduce the costs of trading the dust suppressor. It is noteworthy that the spray-dried mucilage solubilizes more quickly. Expired chia oil and oil outside the standards of ANVISA IN 87/2021 produce biodiesel in accordance with ANP standards, but with water above the recommended level, requiring improvements in its removal. Biomass studies without mucilage and oil will be important to evaluate this co-product / by-product.