Flow-batch digital image colorimetric system to zinc oxide determination in ointments





Flow-batch analyser, digital image colorimetry, zinc oxide, ointments, zincon


This worlk proposes a rapid, sensitive and accurate flow-batch digital image colorimetric (FB-DIC) system to zinc oxid determination in ointments. The method was based on the reaction between Zn(II) ions and zincon at pH = 9.0. The Zn(II)-zincon complex was formed and detected in the mixing chamber. It was designed with two opposite glass windows: one for the webcam and other for the ultra-bright LED. Absorbance was calculated by the norm of the vector in the RGB space. The method had a linear range between 1.0-8.2 mg L–1 with R2 = 0.9998 (n=8) and limit of detection estimated as 5.7 mg L–1. The relative standard deviation (RSD) and sample throughput were estimated at 0.06% and 109 samples h-1, respectively. Ointment commercial samples were analyzed by FB-DIC and the refference method. The results shown no statistically significant difference between them, when was applied the paired t-test at the 95% confidence level. According to green analytical chemistry (GAC) principles the FB-DIC system can be considered eco-driendly due to its low samples and reagents consumption as its low waste generation.

Biografia do Autor

Wellington da Silva Lyra, Universidade Federal da Paraíba

Sou Graduado (Licenciatura e Bacharelado) em Química, Mestre e Doutor em Química Analítica pela Universidade Federal da Paraíba. Atualmente exerço o cargo de químico na Universidade Federal da Paraíba.