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Kien Truc Viet

Resumo da Biografia Referring to the hotel business, many people will simply think that just putting aside capital and building up the facility will be "a four-word capital", but this is completely false. think wrong. Want to make a profit and attract customers to your hotel must be unique, new and luxurious design. You should pay attention to what the architecture of Vietnam - the unit specializes in designing houses and hotels to design better hotels. Color, light in the design of the mini hotel interior When deciding on the design of mini hotels you should prioritize the choice of tones of light colors will create a feeling of luxury, comfort and comfort for the guests. A large and comfortable bed in an elegant, light-colored space will brighten your guests. A beautiful mini hotel not only needs light colors but also a combination of interior, a wide screen TV will help you relax, entertainment after the tired moments. The room is designed with a courteous color, with simple but delicate interior decoration that will make the room bring a beautiful, simple and very unique.   Open space in the design of mini hotel interior You should choose the glass window to fit your hotel, view overlooking the eco-tourism or a spacious space is quite necessary for the space of the hotel. This is considered to attract more guests, it makes the room space is wider, guests can enjoy the scenery and sip a bit, feel very relaxed and interesting. You should also pay attention to the design of the window size suitable for the room, not too small compared to a large room and should not be too large when the room space is narrow. Easy to break the harmony of the room makes the room not delicate. Interior design mini hotel You can design the interior of a simple mini hotel conveniently, not too fussy, can be stacked or stowed away and when not needed, this saves space to look at the room does not squeeze tight screaming The main colors should be light and pleasant colors. The use of light colors will help the room look more spacious and bright.