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Resumo da Biografia Luxury apartment in Vietnam The market of high-grade apartments is increasingly fever by demand surge. In large cities such as Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City, the tendency of choosing condominiums is more and more prevalent because of issues such as land area or street-side cost. Investors also invest a huge amount of capital in high-end condominiums to meet the needs of stable-income segments. Let's take a look at some of the top luxury apartments below! Luxury apartment The Monarchy Danang monarchy da nang is the most luxurious apartment complex in Da Nang with outstanding advantages of location, design, living space, security, ... The monarchy da Nang is located in the center of the coastal city of Danang, at the center of Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Dragon Bridge. From Monarchy moved to the entertainment venues, the city administration, the shopping district are very convenient. It takes about 15 minutes for Monarchy residents to go to any of the city's popular dining and entertainment venues Although located in the heart of the city but the living space in Monarchy is very quiet and fresh. The Monarchy is backed by a large distance from the pavement so all the apartments are unaffected by the noise of the horn or surrounding activities. Moreover, The Monarchy was built in the section of Han River wide and airy so the air here is very clean, not far away, only after hours, when the home is the people have enjoyed one Relax and enjoy the spa. The Monarchy apartment security is guaranteed up to 99.99% when a 24/7 apartment management and surveillance camera system is in place at all entrances of the apartment. suspiciously were detected in time. NDN has spent more than 50% of the total area of the apartment building to design fresh space with greenery, walkways, swimming pools, coffee gardens and children's play area to meet the needs. resident bridge.     2. Era Town luxury apartment Era Town apartment building is the most luxurious apartment in Ho Chi Minh City with extremely advantageous location on Nguyen Luong Bang street, District 7. Era Towm was built by the contractor. With a strong financial base and supervision by leading Vietnamese contractors, customers need not worry about the quality of their apartments. Era Town is extremely fond of this city because it is the pioneer project for the design that brings comfort and luxury in the southern urban area of Phu My Hung. The building was built on a land area of 10.8 hectares with a record investment of 4.765 billion. Era Town consists of 9 blocks, each block consists of 20 to 30 floors, the total number of apartments up to 3,070 apartments and diverse areas. Each apartment has an area of 53 to a maximum of 183m2. That's why every single person can choose an apartment in Era Town, from single, small family to multi-generational families. With a priority for sustainable green urban development, 65.6% of the area is planned for greenery, playgrounds and community activities. Era Town also has a number of prominent amenities such as the Gym, Auchan supermarket, convenience store and the world's leading brands. These high-end apartments are truly national-level buildings with outstanding facilities. If you are planning to buy apartment, do not hesitate to refer to more information about 2 luxury apartment on! our website :