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Resumo da Biografia Top 3 Android Apps that are Indispensable for the Office
Demand and the use of mobile office applications are on the rise, so at the moment there are too many applications for you to choose. Here we list the 5 best apps just for you!

You often have to exchange work details by mailing documents such as Word documents, Excel, etc. So the process and flexibility of reading and writing text on your phone is very important. With suggested office apps for your Android you will not have to carry a heavy laptop with you and still be able to handle your work.

Quickoffice Pro for Android


QuickOffice Pro is the first Android application that supports editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint file formats.

With Quickoffice Pro, you can create, edit and view all your Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

Main feature:

Create, share, edit Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents on your Android device

Can be accessed and stored from a mobile phone

Easy to view and use

Read the text vertically in the presentation.

Easy access to files in email

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Google Drive for Android


Google Drive for Android is a very popular online storage, editing and sharing service that is used by a lot of users. With Google Drive, you can save files and documents in variety of formats on the cloud platform with the highest capacity. You can edit data more favourably with Google documents and Google +.

With Google Drive, You can create new documents, presentations, and spreadsheets very quickly. You can search for content or data faster by keyword. It also helps you view and shares multiple file formats without any additional software support.

Main features:

Large data storage on the internet

View, edit and share data with multiple devices

Search for all content by filter or keywords

Files and documents are most secure

Continuously updated revisions

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Microsoft Office Mobile 


Microsoft Office Mobile is an office application from Microsoft that is free for using. This toolkit includes Powerpoint, Word, and Excel to help users perform more text-related tasks on their Android device.

Microsoft Office Mobile gives users the ability to view, play or edit office file types without the need of Office 365 support. Moreover, users can use the touch screen with ease. This application also supports various reading modes that suit the needs of the users.

Main feature:

Office app available on Android device

View, edit and create text easily

Integrated office document manager

Touch screen

Supports multiple reading modes

Supports many file formats

We have introduced to the readers the greatest office applications on Android. These applications will help you in managing your documents, as well as enhance you working speed. These apps are light and very convenient. 

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