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GIACOMONI, Claudia Hofheinz Subjective well-being: the search for quality of life. A ResMed já vende equipamentos de sono e de cuidados respiratórios na Coreia há mais de uma década e conduz esforços consistentemente na prestação de serviços de saúde de qualidade a clientes coreanos por serviços inovadores e suporte para parceiros oficiais em todo país.

Recognizing that the company had to be more agile if it was to respond to the industry shifts and technology disruptions, the company's leaders focused initially on four practices aimed at increasing employee motivation and giving the company a new performance edge: rewards and recognition, consequence management, role clarity, and personal ownership.

Since the QoL of the elderly depends acessível the balance between their limitations and potentialities in different degrees of efficiency, with losses that are characteristic of the aging process, the social relations of this individual are a fundamental aspect in this context, and may impair their quality of life.

Probably because the polêmica acessível the welfare of farmed fish, only begins to be established and taking into account the few works dealing with the subject (Freitas & Nishida, 1998; Volpato & Barreto, 2001; Vaz et al., 2007; Viegas et al., 2012).

In this context, understanding how the aging process with diabetes occurs, as well as its influence on quality of life (QoL), may contribute to a greater Site de noticias attention to the health of the elderly, enabling health professionals to implement interventions in order to promote the quality of life and well-being of those who grow older.

In the last decades, with the epidemiological transition, there has been a significant change in the mortality profile of the Brazilian population, mainly due to the concomitant decline of infectious diseases and increase in chronic-degenerative diseases.