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por Eloiza Doris Bryde (2019-03-14)

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Cancer treatment can cause physical and emotional changes, including to your sex life. Desta forma, através de questionários, presente estudo possui por objetivo, evidenciar que os membros de uma associação de pescadores, que cultiva tilápias e robalos-peva, conhecem sobre bem-estar bicho, e se este é considerado durante processo de produção.

We call these four the Leadership Factory (organizations that drive performance by developing and deploying strong leaders, supporting them through coaching, formal training, and the right growth opportunities); the Continuous Improvement Engine (organizations that gain their competitive edge by involving all employees in driving performance and innovation, gathering insights and sharing knowledge); the Talent and Knowledge Core (organizations that accelerate their performance by attracting and inspiring top talent); and the Market Shaper (organizations that get ahead through innovating at all levels and using their deep understanding of customers and competitors to implement those innovations).

In this aspect, one of the factors that suggest the decrease of the mental domain health, with consequent influence disponível the quality of life of the elderly with DM, is the progressive cognitive decline, including decline of frontal motor executive function, psychomotor speed, attention, abstract reasoning and decreased ability of visual and verbal memory17.

Dyslipidemia, often associated with other clinical conditions, may trigger cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, angina and myocardial infarction, factors that influence the physical, psychological and social functioning of the individual, impairing their adaptation and productive life5.

In the last decades, with the epidemiological transition, there has been a significant change in the mortality profile of the Brazilian population, mainly due to the concomitant decline of infectious diseases and increase in chronic-degenerative diseases.

Recognizing that the company had to be more agile if it was to respond to the industry shifts and technology disruptions, the company's leaders focused initially acessível four practices aimed at increasing employee motivation and giving the company a new performance edge: rewards and recognition, consequence management, role clarity, and personal ownership.

Sociodemographic data: in a semi-structured, self-applied questionnaire filled out at the residence, data were collected consisting of the following information about the respondent: sex; age; educational level; number of persons in the family (family nucleus); How is your health, classified into 5 items, namely: very bad (1) weak (2) not bad or good (3) good (4) very good (5); site de emagrecimento present health problems, in which the respondent could choose among 18 options of predetermined conditions and an item denominated Others, in which they could specify other problems, and lastly, the health care regimen that consisted of: Without treatment (1), Outpatient treatment, which corresponded to treatment at a Primary Health Care Unit (2) and, Hospitalization (3).