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por Eloiza Doris Bryde (2019-03-14)

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Sex differences in the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection: an individual participant data pooled analysis (StoP Project). Objective: The objective of the present research was to compare the stress levels and quality of life of senior police officers in other states in Brazil, with those found by Lipp (2009) in the state of São Paulo, in order to obtain a higher power of generalization.

This law established measures for the protection of animals and for the first time the State recognized the need to protect all animals in the country (Art.º 1). However, most of this article focuses on large animals (horses and cattle) (Vaz et al., 2007).

A previous study (Lipp, 2009) examined levels of occupational stress, quality of life and work-related stressors among 418 senior police officers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, showing that high-ranking Brazilian police officers perceive their profession to be very stressful and that 43% of them suffered from significant stress symptoms.

Thus, occupational health has come to be understood as an important strategy not only to guarantee workers' health, but also to contribute to motivation and site de estética satisfaction at work, productivity, product quality and, consequently, general improvement in the quality of life of individuals and of society as a whole9.

The study shows that there is a need for action for organizational change within the civil police institution itself in order to stimulate a change in life habits, as well as the acquisition of coping strategies that can promote a better quality of life among public security personnel in the country.

As a parameter for analysis of the obtained data, the following scores and concepts were observed: scores up to 22.5 were considered very unsatisfactory; between 22.5 and 45, unsatisfactory; between 45 and 55, neutral; between 55 and 77.5, satisfactory; and above 77.5, very satisfactory16.