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por Eloiza Doris Bryde (2019-03-14)

Saúde, Brazil

BUSS, Paulo Marchiori Health promotion and quality of life. This study aimed to evaluate the perception of pain, self-efficacy beliefs, pain catastrophizing and the impact of the disease acessível quality of life of individuals with fibromyalgia and specific objectives characterize the sample in terms of sociodemographic, clinical and therapeutic data; measure the intensity of perceived chronic pain; characterize the fibromyalgia pain using pain descriptors; identifying the level of self-efficacy beliefs, quality of life and catastrophizing pain in people with fibromyalgia, according to the fields of instruments; investigate the relationship between pain intensity, self-efficacy beliefs, pain catastrophizing and quality of life in people with fibromyalgia and check the internal consistency of data collection instruments.

Vera created a pioneering strategy to address the needs of families in situations of extreme vulnerability with children in the nosocômio, working together with the families assisted, volunteers, health professionals and national and international institutions.

Results: the 202 nurses interviewed were predominately aged 30 to 39 years, brown, married, with 1-2 children, specialists, care workers, working in an intensive care unit, conectado the morning shift, working 30 hours weekly and with other employment, and had been in the institutions surveyed for longer than 10 years.

A previous study (Lipp, 2009) examined levels of occupational stress, quality of life and work-related stressors among 418 senior police officers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, showing that high-ranking Brazilian police officers perceive their profession to be very stressful and that 43% of them suffered from significant stress symptoms.

The interview took, on average, 40 minutes (23-79 minutes) (41 minutes for individuals in RRT for HD and 36 minutes for individuals in RRT by DPA), being that, given the specificity and duration of treatment of patients in HD, the interviews tended to be longer given that, sometimes, the rhythm of the same would have to be slowed down depending on site de saude the patient's conditions and generally, corresponded to cases in which individuals asked for help to clarify desapareces issues about their problems.

De forma, por intermédio de questionários, presente estudo possui por objetivo, patentear que os membros de uma associação de pescadores, que cultiva tilápias e robalos-peva, conhecem sobre bem-estar bicho, e se ele é considerado durante processo de produção.