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Natural Acne Remedies

por Editoria RVQ (2018-10-18)

Hip pain and injuries are one of the most painful and stubborn that a runner can get. This is because there are so many types of hip injuries one can come down with, and the symptoms are all quite similar to one another.

Could it be a stress fracture? A hip stress fracture is characterized by a pain on the front of the hip that travels to the groin, back, or leg. When your hip bone can't handle the force of pounding and torque, it will develop a crack. Stress fractures develop rather easily in patients who have poor bone density, which is the result of poor calcium intake or absorption, usually caused by inadequate diet, biological changes (i.e. menopause), and disease. Stress fractures can also be caused by going too hard, too far, too soon. I hate to say, if you come down with a hip stress fracture, the only effective remedy is to take three months off of running, during which time you should do physical therapy, pool running, and swimming.

Could it be femoral acetabular impingement. This injury is characterized by an ache in the front of your hip or near your groin, which gets worse after a run. It is caused by the ball of the hip joint on being able to fit into the socket. This grinds and tears the cartilage lining within the socket. This injury usually requires eight to ten weeks of physical therapy. Sometimes surgery is needed to correct the injury.

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