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Web Hosting - Choose the Right Company

por Editoria RVQ (2017-11-14)

You have done the difficult part and that is creating the site. The next step is to take it hosted to allow the public to find your site. So, why do so many web host browsers for the first time fall into the trap of a bad web hosting company? Well, there are a number of factors to consider and no bigger than the price. We all want cheap web hosting; but unfortunately, the price is not always what you should look for.

You need to be more aware of the web hosting company that you choose. If you have a budget for it, if you see the accommodation for little or nothing and find yourself thinking "how to earn money" stay away, it is likely that your site will be hosted with very little bandwidth, resulting in a very slow pace website accessible and not professional. You may also find that customer service is small or none at all.

You need to clearly delineate your own requirements for the web hosting company, if you do not do it, you are at fault and not in a position to point the finger at others. If you make a list of requirements, such as specific files that you need, you can send your requirements to several hosting companies and see who gets back with the greatest service.

If you have more than one site to host, such as affiliate merchants, it's not a good idea to put all your sites with the server of a web hosting company to start, you need to be 100% sure with the service, then start with the first site as proof. Remember if you host all your sites with a hosting company, all that is needed is a problem to reduce all your sites and may result in lost revenue for you. At least, if you have some websites hosted by another company, they will still be online.

Some best web hosting companies offer testimonials on their own site of valuable clients, recommending them. Seeing is not believing, calling these clients and getting a recommendation of nominal value for you.

What if I have problems?

Let's be honest, problems can happen and maybe it's your fault and sometimes, the web hosting company is to blame. Problems with technology can occur at any time, but it is how the hosting company reacts to the failure that will determine whether you stay with them or not. If you find your site leaving the line or going down slowly, simply switch to another hosting company. A continuous uncorrected problem is a very bad signal and shows arrogance towards its customers. Support is vital for a web hosting company and should be 24 hours if it is a large organization.

Virus and hacker problems

It is the responsibility of the web hosting company to ensure that your files are protected against viruses and hackers at all times. There were many companies that had their websites hacked only afterward to discover that the web hosting company did not have the latest patches and security software applied. The first-timers for hosting on the web should always ask how often the updates and the software used to protect sites.


In business, your site can be a great source of income or, sometimes, your only source. Always make your own backup of the site. If the web hosting company has problems and, for any reason, there are no backups available, your entire business may be on hold. Backup copies are vital, so do as regularly as possible or face the consequences. Some companies have testimonials on their client sites, do not be afraid to call these guys for an updated reference.

If you assume an employee, you will check all references, which is similar. Always get the full contact details of the hosting company, many people simply log in and have an email address just as a contact. If your email goes down and you need to get in touch with them, you should have your full details on hand. Always buy the different accommodation plans and compare, you will find big differences, after establishing yourself with a budget, ask the necessary questions before you sign up.


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