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Eagle Eye 911 Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-04-02)

Mild Pain & General Discomfort Almost everyone Eagle Eye 911 experiences some level of burning, tearing and light sensitivity after LASIK eye surgery. This may be barely noticeable or quite bothersome, depending on the type of technology used and how your eyes react. It should only last 2-4 hours. After your procedure is over, it is important to be driven home so you can take a long nap. In many cases, individuals wake up without much discomfort at all. However, be prepared to feel like there is something in your eye. It is important to NOT rub your eyes as this could dislodge your corneal flap. Redness Your eyes will be red after the procedure. It is completely normal to have dark red spots on the whites of your eyes for several days. Similar to bruising, it will take a few weeks before these spots disappear completely. Use of Prescription Eye Drops & Artificial Tears Another post-op symptom is ocular dryness, which roughly 50% of patients experience after LASIK eye surgery. Like the above symptoms, dry eye usually only lasts for a few days after your procedure. Your eye surgeon will supply you with artificial teardrops to minimize discomfort. In addition to using artificial tears for possible temporary eye dryness, your eye care specialist will also prescribe prescription eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection. Be sure to only use eye drops prescribed by your eye care specialist. One day after your LASIK procedure, you will visit your eye care specialist for your first post-op appointment to discuss your vision and any post-op symptoms you are experiencing. Your eye care doctor will schedule regular checkups, usually at one month, three months and six months, when visual stabilization is complete. Should your vision need additional tweaking, the six month interval appointment will include next step discussions.