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Brainwave Shots Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-20)

One theory, from a blogger I Brainwave Shots greatly respect, Leo Babauta, is simple: learn to want less. And in his blogs, and ZenHabits, he offers tips, suggestions, and strategies on how to actualize the old adage that "Less is More" in your own life. He strongly believes that by conditioning our minds and bodies to need/want less, we will reduce the amount of time we spend having to pursue what we think we are after, and enjoy the things we have, and eventually give some of that away as well (once you realize you don't need them either). Another theory, delineated in books such as The Secret and Think and Grow Rich, emphasize the opposite side of the equation. The position here is that we are entitled and indeed endowed by the Universe to receive all the things we may desire, whether in the realm of money, love, success, and everything else. They suggest we want as much as we want, and even more, and then we focus all of our attention, focus, and effort into getting it. By consistently practicing visualization techniques, we will somehow, and its never been clearly defined exactly how, we will begin to attract that which we desire. The proponents of this line of thinking refer to it as the Law of Attraction.So how do we get what we want? How do we satisfy the ravenous desires that burn deep within our Soul? There are an infinite number of theories out there. Countless books address the Pursuit Principle and how to maximize its potential. With the rise of weblogs, the availability of material has skyrocketed to immeasurable heights. The premises of the most successful blogs revolve around the Pursuit Principle. They all want to offer us something. They are about how to do this, or how to achieve that. Ten steps to maximize productivity. Twenty steps to a more fit, healthy, and nutritious lifestyle. They try to provide a simpler way to... pursue.