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Power Efficiency Guide Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-08)

Lets look at each of these. First, Power Efficiency Guide are wind turbines noisy? Truthfully, some of the older models, such as windmills used to drive water pumps on farms, and early wind-to-electrical models are indeed noisy beasts. But thankfully, those models are largely outdated now, and even the large commercial scale wind turbines are fairly quiet. Certainly they create a lot less noise than the average lawn implement, such as lawnmower or leaf-blower! If the turbine is improperly balanced, it can create a whining or whistling noise, which can be annoying and should be fixed anyway. But a properly tuned fan that is spinning in the wind will not make anymore noise than the average ceiling fan. Second, are wind turbines ugly? Well, that is largely a matter of opinion. Certainly they are not as attractive as a tree, but they are no less attractive than a flagpole and a lot more attractive than an antennae or satellite dish. Telephone and electrical utility poles are also not attractive, and yet our cities are inundated with them, and we simply ignore it. If every yard had a home wind turbine, it would be a sight that we would simply grow used to. But the knowledge that these homes are generating their own electricity and not burning fossil fuels would make them a whole lot more attractive. Finally, are wind turbines inefficient? The question needs clarification. Compared to what? Compared to the energy component available in burning oil, yes, wind turbines are horribly inefficient. So is every other alternate fuel source save one, nuclear. But if we add in the cost of the pollution and its overall effect on our world, the answer becomes less obvious. Besides, like all technology, as it become more integrated into our world it will continue to be improved and become more and more efficient.