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Meditation In A Bottle Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-05)

Clearly this is the web of Meditation In A Bottle time we are all caught up in with no prospect of ever escaping. It is this perception of time that makes us aware of our mortality and influences our aging process. So how do we free ourselves from this time dimension? Do you know that there is also a Timeless dimension which is just as real as the Time dimension we are living in? In it there is no past, present or future and all experiences in life become a lesson in life with no regrets. To understand this Timeless dimension you have to understand how we create our future. Remember that we are hypnotic creatures. When we look at the past, it is now only a memory, and is unreal. When we look at the future, it is also unreal because anything can happen in the future. One cannot touch it. The present is the only realty one can touch and enjoy. So how do we create our future? It is simple. We dream first and then we plan. If we keep dreaming and do not take any action in the present, our present becomes our future. That is we continue dreaming. So it is the action we take in the present that creates our future. However to break free from the web of time one has to go about understanding how one acquires and breaks habits. It is by using one's powers of perception, insight and awareness that one can to bring about positive changes in one's life without using will power.