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GenBrain Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-02)

We speak of deep and powerful GenBrain meditation states as the "work place" of this kind of enlightenment and brain use however this depth of meditation has previously come at a very high price as a result of years and years of discipline, sacrifice and training as per the Zen monks we often associate such meditation with. The end result of this discipline and training was to put the body and brain in such a state that new horizons were opened up. For over 150 years now, brain entrainment has been altering the consciousness of men and women and now with the use of Binaural Beats mp3 recordings as well as the even more powerful Isochronic tones, it has never been easier and more available to the common man or woman. Regardless of your meditation experience or knowledge, these recordings can have you reaching Alta, Delta or Theta states in just minutes! All you need is your ears! Once you are "in state", through these recordings, you can use the power of your brain to stimulate certain abilities and make significant physical, mental and spiritual changes in your life! Binaural Beats are not dangerous at all and work by adjusting the operating frequency of your brain which results in brain stimulation that allows the optimum environment for advanced subliminal messaging.