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Crepe Erase Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-28)

The cosmetic companies have Crepe Erase been playing a cruel trick on the public for years, by trying to convince people that you can smooth a wrinkled face by applying animal derived collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid to your skin. The truth is that these substances cannot even penetrate your skin due to their great molecular density. These compounds will do nothing at all to help you look younger, so the products that feature them are simply a waste of money. Other companies strive to give you the temporary impression that your wrinkling has been reduced, without actually doing anything for the issues that cause wrinkle development. Some of these formulas are harmless, and rely on astringents to cause your underlying tissue to contract to give the skin a smoother appearance. Other anti aging treatments are not quite so harmless. These products attempt to smooth your wrinkled face by causing short term paralysis to the muscles beneath wrinkled areas of the skin. These ointments are generally applied to the eyes, mouth, and forehead areas. Once the muscles are sufficiently relaxed they begin to droop, which tugs at the wrinkled skin and pulls it smoother. This supposedly temporary paralysis can become permanent with long term use of such a product.