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Unlock Your Glutes

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-20)

A Yeast infection (YI) is caused by an overgrowth Unlock Your Glutes Review of the fungus called Candida Albicans. Now these types of fungus are already in our bodies, and are relatively harmless. But if your body goes through a major imbalance like pregnancy, there is a big chance that the fungus will multiply in your body and will result to an infection. Yeast infection during pregnancy is not only uncomfortable there is also a big chance that you can infect your child.One of the most common types of the infection found in pregnant women is vaginal yeast infection. The symptoms of this type of infection are redness of the vagina, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, burning sensation and many more. In fact if you let the infection get worse it can even lead to more serious complications like chronic rashes, weakness or chronic fatigue and even depression. If you don't remove the infection, you can even infect your child during childbirth, and it can lead to your baby having thrush or mouth yeast infection.Being pregnant you just cannot use any kind of medication that may affect your baby, some YI infection medications out there can have side effects and may be critical for your baby. What you need is to cure the infection naturally. There are a lot of simple home remedies you can use to remove the infection without worrying about its side effects. All of the above remedies have properties that can help you get back the natural balance of your body so that you can fight off the infection and prevent it from coming back. But you need to know how to use them properly in order for them to be effective. It is very frustrating and irritating to have a yeast infection. It can even become a painful experience to some people. It's usually caused by a fungus called Candida.