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Appcoiner System Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-19)

My Approach To Promoting My Blog Appcoiner On Facebook: I spend a maximum of 15 minutes combined, including activities in my groups Post my content with the page link. I post updates on my page. Leave comments and congrats in my groups. Answer any questions or friend request. Then I'm out... 15 minutes flat. If I stay any longer I am tapping into time that I should be using to create content for my market. I also submit my post in order to promote my blog. The usual suspects are: Twitter LinkedIn Google plus Orkut Bebo You can also bookmark your site at: Reddit StumbleUpon BlogEngage Digg Delicious My theory is, if your content is valuable, well targeted and syndicated, the right person will find you. Spend more time providing value to your market and less time chasing the market.