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Keto Resources Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-07)

Mashed potato freezes well, so Keto Resources portion any leftovers for another day, and reheat in a few minutes in the microwave when needed. For a variation on plain mashed potato, you could add some diced, lightly cooked spring onions/scallions to get the famous Irish potato dish known as Champ, or simply stir in some finely chopped chives for a more subtle onion flavour. While searching through my recipe files the other day I found a true family gem. This recipe was used by my grandmother, Nona, to feed our family on cold winter nights. It was one of her best pasta and sausage recipes that she learned from her mother in the "Old Country". I still recall the warm feeling I got enjoying the comforting, mellow flavors of the creamy cabbage and sausage. I had not made it for a long time but I still remembered how wonderfully sumptuous it was. It now is one of my family's favorite pasta and sausage recipes. Italian sausage never tasted better. The secret is in the way you braise the cabbage.