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High Performance Selling Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-01-30)

Over the past twenty years, the Internet has changed the High Performance Selling way most of us make a living in sales, not to mention live our daily lives. Instead of follow up calls - or actual face-to-face visits - e-mails, IM's, and virtual meeting rooms are the most common ways to touch base, follow up on proposals, and get through the other facets of our jobs. But beneath all of that, the principles of selling haven't changed much; you still have to find prospects, qualify and present, and then close and negotiate if you're going to earn a commission check. Being online hasn't changed any of that.For that reason, the rise of websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and dozens of others have been particularly intriguing to salespeople. The promise of these sites isn't that they're going to help you give better online presentations or advertise your prices... they are designed to help you deepen relationships, with friends and colleagues as well as customers. And isn't that still what we should be after?Since sales superstars get to the top by using every chance they get to get to know their buyers better - and vice versa - here are three good tips for making social networking part of your sales arsenal: