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Nature Sleep Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-01-19)

Typically, the alarm clock rings and the struggle between yourNature Sleep willpower and that horrible sound that forces you out of bed begins. Which ruins any attempt to get up early again.For life, I have been part of those who pray for "5 more minutes in the bed" and multiply 20 times postponing the alarm again and again. At last, wake up and get out of bed like a zombie (with the feeling of not having enough rest).But there are studies and research that conclude that getting up earlier, around 5:30 in the morning, has its great benefits. Here is a summary of the benefits of getting up early and having a ritual in the morning, plus the best strategies for getting you to wake up earlier.Research suggests that if there are biological differences between "people of tomorrow," they wake up at the same time every day and feel more active around 9 am, and "night people" who manage to do more things once That the sun is hiding.However, a point for the morning people is that they can get better effectiveness and quality of work waking up early, unlike the "night owls." According to self-reports from college students, those who wake up earlier feel more optimistic, proactive and have better grades. Other studies have found that morning people tend to be more productive and focused than night owls. Researchers also suggest that memory and concentration during the day improve when you sleep.