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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-01-18)

For many businesses, social media marketing would seem an ideal optionProfit Genesis 2.0 as compared to a website, concerning both costs and management. In support of this, recent reports by Facebook indicate that there are over forty million small business pages, this shows a massive acceptance of the platform in business marketing. As a marketer, you cannot help but wonder if this is the direction of future business marketing. Being a business owner, the growth of social media platform leaves you questioning if you really need a website, and this is courtesy of the sophisticated platforms such as Facebook which make reaching clients easier, reliable, and cheaper. The urge to make your site obsolete might even be too tempting especially when you compare the ease of building relationships with clients between the two platforms. However, the shortcomings brought by using Facebook marketing alone outweigh the benefits in the long run. To further illustrate this, here are reasons why choosing a business website over Facebook is a smart move.A website allows you to control your brand while on the contrary, a Facebook page limits the capacity to tailor and package your brand as per your clients' interests. Although the page allows an organization to upload a background photo which may be the brand logo, it is still limited as per the information regarding the business. A user may not access valuable information straight from a business Facebook page as compared to a website which offers a hub of useful information.