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Inferiority Complex Psychology

por Genevieve Salazar (2018-12-26)

office)An inferiority complex is a feeling of being inferior to others in some way. Some people may develop such a state over how they look, others over their personality and others over their social or economic status. The inferiority complex psychology has been studied a long time both in the filed of psychology and the related field of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalyst Alfred Adler has studied this phenomenon intensively and theorized over its causes and its cures. 

One interesting theory in psychoanalysis is that people who have a feeling of inferiority tend to try and compensate for it by having remarkable achievements in some other area.

Thus, feeling inferior is not all bad and can act as a motivator towards performance and success. However, it can also lead to destructive or antisocial behavior, in an attempt to get rid of the bad feeling. Often, both of these types of effects happen together, for the same person.

In the inferiority complex psychology, it is speculated by some that certain historical figures had an inferiority complex and this characteristic somehow contributed to their remarkable deeds which made them be remembered in history.

For example, it is speculated that Napoleon Bonaparte might have had an inferiority complex because of his small stature, office)} and this is a big part of what prompted his ferocious leadership style and success as a conqueror.

However, there is a considerable difference between psychological fact and theoretical speculation. The field of psychology still has a lot to learn about the causes and cures of a complex of inferiority, as well as its most common effects.

One very important discovery made in psychology though, is that a complex of inferiority is not caused much by inferiority in itself, but rather by the way we think about it. We tend to exaggerate it and to dramatize it in our heads and it is this is what actually makes us feel inferior. Food for thought!