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BUSS, Paulo Marchiori Health promotion and quality of life. The objective of this study are to (1) verify the existence of differences of dyadic adjustment (DA) according to renal replacement treatment (RRT) and (2) verify the existence of differences quality of life (QOL) in accordance with the RRT. Bem Estar believes strongly in the well-being of the body and the mind, we offer integrative treatments, performed by highly experienced professionals.

Ao possibilitarmos melhores tratamentos, melhoramos a qualidade de vida, reduzimos os impactos de doenças crônicas e também os gastos de clientes e sistemas de saúde em mas de 120 países. INTRODUCTION: The Quality of Life (QOL) of primary caregivers may have decreased.

Vale's health care plan, Supplementary Medical Assistance (AMS), is one of the benefits that Vale offers to its employees. When treating patients at the hospital, Vera realized that the medical care was incomplete. We do this by aggregating the views of their employees and managers (more than four million to date) disponível management practices that drive nine key organizational dimensionsor outcomes, as we call them.

According to Pedrazzani et al. (2007), the slaughtering techniques of fish have been carefully studied in order to look for improvements regarding safety procedures, quality control of the final product and minimizing the time required to kill the bicho Saúde e Emagrecimento and to reduce emotions (such as fear and pain) during the process.

Companies that work conectado their health, we've found, not only achieve measurable improvements in their organizational well-being but demonstrate tangible performance gains in as little as 6 to 12 months. Os parâmetros de inclusão foram: ser uma pesquisa empírica com pessoas em situação de pobreza; utilizar a conceituação de muito-estar; ser um artigo completo; e ter adultos como exemplar comparte.

The sample is composed of 55 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, 63 women undergoing chemotherapy, 85 breast cancer survivors and 160 women from the general population. Learn how the Organizational Health Index can improve your long-term performance.

El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar los elementos objetivos y subjetivos relacionados con la calidad de vida de los cuidadores principales de las personas mayores dependientes. These strategies are materialized in the bases and practices of the healthy towns movement, which are strictly associated with public management innovations for the integral and sustainable sítio development, as well as with the lugar Agenda 21.

Being the guarantee of good condition and health a constant concern of REN, this provides the realization of complementary examinations and clinical analyses in the field of occupational medicine to allow a preemptive action at the level of health of its employees.