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por Nishish Sandy (2018-10-25)

A Common Doji Pattern represents indecision in the market. Honest-forex-signals A Long Legged Doji is a far more dramatic pattern. It means that the prices had moved higher in the day then selling kicked in leaving a long upper shadow on the candle. A close before the midpoint of the candle indicates a lot of weakness.

When a Long Legged Doji Pattern is formed outside the Upper Bollinger Band after a long uptrend, it means a possible trend reversal. If it is confirmed by the sell signal on the stochastics, it is a reliable warning that a reversal is about to happen soon.A Gravestone Doji indicates that prices had rallied higher on the day but buying could not be sustained in the market and the prices came back and closed at the open. A Dragonfly Doji is the exact opposite of the Gravestone Doji. Prices opened at the high then selling kicked in the market later on buyers found the courage to start buying and the prices came back to close at the open.

Appearance of a Doji Pattern means a possible trend reversal but you need to note in which portion of the trend this pattern had appeared. If it had appeared in the beginning of the trend, it may mean nothing.One of the most anticipated pieces of data related to currency trading is the United States non-farm payroll report. This report is usually released at 8:30 a.m. eastern time on the first Friday of every month. The release of this report usually fuels the heaviest and most volatile trading day of the month.