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por Nishish Sandy (2018-10-24)

Let me tell you about me first. At that time Your-wealth-magnet
I was 38 years old (Yes I remember this clearly, it is still ringing I my ears). I have four children, and I had my first son at 17 years old. Lost the weight. Had my second son at 22. Lost the weight. Had my third son at 27, lost the weight. Had my daughter at 35. (I know what you are thinking, but that's a whole other subject) I never gained any weight with my last baby and I walked out of the hospital with a flat stomach. Yes, it's okay to hate me.

I had remained a stable size 7/8. I know to some of you that is large, but I am a black American woman and that is what looks good to me. So to be honest, the weight could have fluctuated between 120 and 135. When I turned 38, I didn't even notice that I was getting bigger. I always prided myself on looking fit and thin. I am going to be real honest here. I was a good looking 30 something woman with grown children that most people mistook for a 20 something girl. So of course my older children, my big head boys, didn't like the attention I got once people figured out my age. Of course I was the one that told them. I loved the attention I got. Then the attention started to lessen, when I walked in a room, no one noticed.