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Slimfy Weight Loss Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-08)

BYOD Worried about the unhealthy food Slimfy Weight Loss Review choices at the party Bring Your Own Dish!! I have yet to hear of a hostess who has a problem with a guest pitching in. Bring an appetizer of hummus and fresh veggies.SLOW AND STEADY It takes approximately 20 minutes for our bodies to feel full so there is no sense of rushing and shoveling it in!! Sit down and savor your food. Slow eaters consume fewer calories before feeling full. KEEP IT TIGHT AND IT'S ALL RIGHT I'm referring to your meals!!! Do you honestly think you can resist the temptations of a holiday party when you are starving Hell no!!! The day of the party make sure you eat your regular meals never going longer than 3 hours and your daily water requirement. No skipping meals to save yourself for the party food!! That's when we binge and pack on the pounds. EARN IT AND BURN IT Plan to workout before the party! After a vigorous workout in your fat burning zone bike ride or run, metabolism is high which means the body is effective at burning the party food. Any extra calories can be taken care of the next day. So put on your heart rate monitor and get in the zone! I always recommend a food journal especially during the falalalala season. My clients who keep a daily account of what they are consuming have the most weight loss success. Between the accountability and the knowledge attained from the relationship of the food consumed and its corresponding energy and mood levels it is well worth the effort! There's no doubt about it the holidays are a crazy, and stressful time of the year! Don't forget to treat yourself to some "YOU" time. Don't skip your manicure appointment, steal away and get a massage, or a cup of coffee with a friend. Most importantly just Breathe!!! The holidays are also for making memories and sharing time with those that we love.