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SlimSwift Diet Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-07)

The next cause of overweight I'll SlimSwift Diet mention here is still the result of a mineral deficiency. When the liver, pancreas and Thyroid aren't working together in sync and there isn't enough mineral available, the body will either get too fat or too thin. The body has to properly create and transfer the proper chemicals in the body, like glucagon and thyroxin in order to create a product I like to call "Grandma's Old Fashioned Soap". Thyroxin has to be combined with Potassium to create this fat emulsifying wonder of the body. So if you force weight loss through starvation, it's not going to last because you haven't solved the problem that caused overweight to begin with. And you're going to be destroying muscle tissue as you are trying to lose weight.The final cause of overweight I'll mention here is toxicity. When your body is faced with a load of toxins from food or environment, maybe even emotional toxins, it has to "Do" something with those toxins. If you don't have enough supplies in your body, like phosphates and water, to neutralize the toxins and safely throw them out, then your body will do the next safest thing and wrap those toxins in fat cells until such a time as it can safely neutralize them and throw them out.When I got poisoned by the glyphosate or Roundup, it was a life threatening event. My body quickly threw all the toxins it couldn't handle into fat cells and I gained 30 pounds in 5 months. It just may have saved my life to gain that extra weight.Now, what to do to lose that extra weight? Easy right, get the minerals back in and detox the toxins. Haha. While that is the obvious answer, how do you go about detoxifying and remineralizing? To give your body a boost in its energy levels and to allow it the best odds of balancing itself out, there's a tool called a refractometer.