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Vision 20 Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-07)

Traditionally, artificial tears like Systane, Refresh or Genteal were recommended, Vision 20 but a new treatment has shown to be very effective in reducing the symptoms and condition. If left untreated, in certain cases the cornea my become scared, and thus reduce the vision. The new treatment modality includes the use of topical steroid eye drops like Lotemax 3 times per day for 2-3 weeks, artificial tears 4 times per day and the use of Omega III pills. Since the new theory is that dry eyes are caused by an allergy involving the tear producing glands and then an inflammatory condition of this same tissue, this treatment modality addresses these concerns individually and increases tear production. It does require at least 2-3 months to begin to notice improvement in symptoms. If this treatment does not resolve the condition then Restasis eye drops is prescribed. This is Cyclosprin which is an old medication and is an anti-autoimmune medication. It has been shown to increase tear production. It is quite expensive and does take at least 2-3 months to begin working. The patient must continue its use for 6-12 months for remediation of the symptoms.If this treatment still does not completely eliminate the dry eyes, then Punctal plugs must be inserted. These are either collagen or synthetic plugs that are placed in the drainage area in the cornea of the lids. This prevents the tears from leaving the eye and thus improves comfort. The final treatment as a last resort is the use of wet cell eye glasses. These are glasses that look like swimming goggles and retain moisture in the eye area by physically sealing in the tear film.Millions of people have successfully undergone corrective laser eye surgery and found it the answer to improving their vision without the use of glasses or contacts. Massive advertising promotions led by the larger lasik surgical practices lead most to believe that the procedure is absolutely safe, quick, and effective. And for the vast majority of people it is.Unfortunately it is easy to be seduced by the prospect of such a fairly easy solution to an ongoing vision problem. What many fail to fully realize is that lasik is in fact a surgical procedure, and as with any surgical procedure there are inherent risks and complications. While the percentage of complications from laser eye surgery tends to be relatively low, the wise consumer considering lasik still must take into account the possibility that things may not go as planned (or advertised).