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Becoming Limitless Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-03-01)

Alas, the PROCESS of change is what we don't like. In November, it's easy to Becoming Limitless visualize what action we'll take in January. We visualize clearly laid out goals. But somewhere around December 28, the reality sets in that we actually have to implement that plan. Some of us do. Most of us, however, diminish the new actions somewhere around January 15, leaving a feeling of failure.In fact, studies show that 90% of us won't change when we're given a lifealtering ultimatum, including death. In his recent book, Change or Die, Alan Deutschman notes three traditional ways society as a whole tries to enforce change. His case studies range from hardened criminals who, if they don't change will end up in prison for life, to heart patients who are told they must change their lifestyle, or die. By force, fact, or fear we try to get ourselves, others, our jobs and our home lives to change, but ultimately, those tactics just don't work. So, what doesGoogle "change my life" on the internet, and you'll get 28 million results from people claiming to help you change (including yours truly) Most of the ads promise success and are eager to tell the secret method of a happilyeverafter life. But with the statistics at 90% that those changes ultimately WON'T stick, it makes you wonder if change is even possible.Our most formative years are during early childhood. This is the time when our brains are working overtime connect our neural connections and building new pathways. Those pathways are what eventually become habits.Habits are like smooth grooves made by slick tires driven down the same dirt road over and over for an extended period of time. At first, the road is just green pasture, in fact, not even a "road." But over time, no grass grows there anymore, and there are grooves where tires snuggly hug the dirt. Eventually, some grooves become deep troughs. And one unexpected day, your car gets stuck in one of those troughs of the dirt road. No backing up and no moving forward that car's not moving without some new maneuvers. All there is to do is park yourself in the trough, planning your escape Wayne Grestky has been quoted as You miss 100% of the shots that you never take. How many people simply just fail to take those shotsEven taking the wrong action is still preferable to taking no action. Yet day after day we observe and hear people making excuses for still being stuck where they are. Success Coaching Tip Remember denial also known as an excuse is just not a river in Egypt.Inaction becomes a security blanket. Yes, I want to master success, is heard across the land, but what happens if it does not work out Maybe it is the fear of failure or the fear of success that keeps people from taking action.