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The Tao Of Badass Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-28)

Whatever it is, close your eyes now and lean back in your chair while The Tao Of Badass bringing this bad emotional trauma with a girl to your mind. I want you to visualize that bad experience in your mind like you are watching it play out in a huge movie theater with Dolby Digital sound.Now put that same part of the experience in black and white. After that, start replaying the bad experience backwards. Next, make the entire screen extremely small and shrink it down until you cannot see it anymore. Congratulations! You have now eradicated that negative image in your mind forever and it should never bother or impede your very first approaches with women and the ones that come later.Even if you've had numerous traumatic experiences with women, you can use this technique to eliminate every single one of them. It might take days or even a week or two, but those traumatic experiences WILL leave your mind eventually, and permanently.Visualize the worst-case scenario in your head right now and focus on that scene like you are in a movie theater watching it unfold in front of you in Technicolor and Dolby Digital. Then keep replaying that slap in black and white, and then make it go backwards.After that, make the image very small and insignificant at the movie theater until it disappears altogether. You have just made the MAJOR move to eradicating approach anxiety from your life forever. You still have some inner game confidence building techniques to end approach anxiety in a more in-depth manner, but the real fear that you felt the last time you saw a hot girl that you wanted to speak to should now be gone from your life.Here are additional personality traits that women find most attractive Expertise. If you're an expert in an area that is interesting to your kind of woman, this can be attractive. It needs to be presented from a "I know a lot about this, let me show you" perspective and not a "I'm cool and you're not" angle.Attention. Women like attention. And interestingly enough, it's better to hint at the attention that you're giving them than to be too overt about it. If you say, "I was thinking about you earlier today, and I just wanted to mention that I really like the sound of your voice..." it's much more powerful than listening to them complain about something so they think you're paying attention. Get it