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Meridian Health Protocol Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-26)

I decided to take action by calling a Meridian Health Protocol Review counseling service, hoping that they would be able to get to the bottom of the situation. I called the number and waited on hold for half an hour, after which a nurse asked some questions such as whether I was going to commit suicide and whether I was going to hurt myself. When I said no, she asked me other questions that I had difficulty understanding, given that her words wouldn't stick in my mind. She hung up, and, dejected, I waited another week before trying again.During that week, and during the next month, my work performance deteriorated, and my lack of ability to gauge emotions made it too difficult for me to participate in business meetings. I became more depressed than I had ever been in my life, but I also realized that quitting work wouldn't make anything better. My reduced intelligence wouldn't make life any better sitting at home in front of the TV. I kept going to work every day, and I finally was able to get someone on the phone who scheduled an appointment with a therapist.The therapist didn't help at all. While she insisted that I was imagining most of my symptoms, and I accepted that she might be right, I simply couldn't remember what she was saying. By the time each session ended, I had forgotten what was said at the beginning. I kept going because there was no better course of action, but how can one benefit from therapy if he can't remember what happens during the sessions Everyone said that the symptoms were being imagined, and that talking to someone would help, so who was I to argue Next, I visited a general practitioner to rule out a medical cause for my problem. I desperately hoped that what was wrong was curable and that my stupid decision to take the Sam-E hadn't caused permanent damage, because life certainly wasn't worth living in such a state. The doctor performed a standard physical exam, took some blood tests, and asked me if I was depressed. Of course I was depressed, given that I was unable to think clearly anymore, so he said that an antidepressant would clear up all the symptoms and that would be that.