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Extenze Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-20)

It's interesting to see why premature ejaculation even exists. Extenze Review In order to understand what is going on, you need to step into the mind of a caveman. Life was a lot different back then. Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that cavemen had to learn to ejaculate fast as a survival technique. They had to "get the job done" before predators came and interrupted or killed them. Sometimes it was a matter of ejaculating before the female ran away (it was a lot different back then). In early cavemen times, only one thing mattered: procreation. As long as you could plant that seed, you were set. You knew your species would live on a little bit longer.So if you ever feel angry about your premature ejaculation, you know who to blame. Your long lost ancestors. They made you who you are today. But look on the bright side, you probably wouldn't be here today if they didn't prematurely ejaculate several thousand years ago. Love to hate them and learn to lighten up about your premature ejaculation problems.Premature ejaculation is looked down upon in today's society. If you were to announce that you prematurely ejaculated last night to all your buddies, they will have a laugh riot. You would get teased and poked at for hours on end. Worst of all, they would probably bring up the story even after several years. You would be THAT GUY. You would be known as the person who can't satisfy women.