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Naturaful Syestem Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-19)

For people looking for 100% organic produce, many farmers who Naturaful Syestem sell at farmer's markets host "farm days", where their customers are welcome to come to the farm and witness firsthand how the food they purchase is produced. Again, the proximity of local food produced by local farmers allows for consumers to be more directly involved and engaged in the food that makes its way to their dinner table.Community supported agriculture programs, or CSAs, are another way to bring together producers and consumers. These programs are more structured than farmer's markets and even further strengthen the connection and relation between producer and consumer.A group of people wanting fresh produce throughout the year purchase "shares" from a farmer and pay an upfront onetime fee which gives them access to a weekly basket of fresh produce from the farm of a local grower.For an agreedupon price, the consumer receives a weekly ration of whatever is in season while they effectively subsidize the farmer's production during the growing season. Since many farmers have a hard time finding credit at local banks to help them finance their crop, community supported agriculture programs help farmers avoid one of the most abhorred parts of farming: dealing with the banks.Some of the more advanced community supported agriculture programs form coalitions of farmers. Each farmer specializes in producing some sort of food product. Instead of just receiving a simple basket of vegetables as is the case with most CSA programs, the shareholders receive a more complete "shopping cart" full of different types of groceries.