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Dream Machine Review

por Editoria RVQ (2019-02-13)

Think back to the last intense conversation Dream Machine Review you had with someone on a topic that ignites your passion. If you are like most people, you can clearly recall your arguments in response to what you perceived to be the positions of the other party. You are ready to deliver your arguments in quick succession to the next person who dares to challenge you point of view. The truth is you may not recall too much of what the other person actually said, or what they were trying to accomplish with the discussion.Too often, we listen to someone else in a conversation not to what is being said, but rather to when he or she stops talking. This pause is our cue to jump in and make a point that we have been pondering while they talked. We appear to be listening, nodding our heads at the right time and even making small vocal gestures, like 'uh huh' and this keeps the other person engaged in the conversation. After all, who wants to talk with someone who is simply not listening? Meanwhile, you are going through the motions, keeping them engaged by nodding and grunting just long enough to make sure your points have been expressed. Only then are you ready for the conversation to end.We act as if we are interested in learning something new, yet our behavior suggests the exact opposite. Ironically, if we took the time to listen, we would learn more and our views would be more valuable to the next person we meet. Perhaps we're afraid of being wrong, but that is not logical either. It would make sense to learn why you are wrong and correct your mistake and move forward without perpetuating your error. Then again, we may not be dealing with simple logic here. We may instead be dealing with avoiding the embarrassment of being proven wrong.