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iGenics Review

por Shira Mary (2019-02-11)

The cost of LASIK surgery is an important factor that will help determine iGenicsthe quality of the eye surgery as patients usually want to know what costs are included altogether. The cost of LASIK usually fluctuates according to the surgeon's skills and level of experience attained by the eye surgeon, the technology to be used in operating also play a vital role, the place where the hospital or clinic might reside and how much surgery sessions are required by the particular patient who need the eye correction.The cost of LASIK treatment is very important to be considered before you decide on getting this surgery done. Also, it should be kept in mind that the cost of LASIK is calculated on the basis of one eye at a time and not both eyes together so considering this fact you need to double up the cost of LASIK in order to know the accurate price for the eye surgery.The common factors that influence the average cost of LASIK eye surgery are as follows. The advancements and technologies that are being used in the surgery procedure which might include testing the thickness of the eye's cornea, tear film analysis, the visual ability of the cornea and other various measurements that have to be made before the patient decides to undertake such an eye surgery in the first place. All these measurements need to exact as they play a significant role in finding out the ways that the eye surgeon can reshape the cornea of the eye which then make it easier to figure out what risks and side effects could possibly be encountered by the patient. All this is connected with the determining the cost of LASIK eye surgery as if there is greater chance that the eye vision would be perfectly cured after the surgery then this reduces the chance of complications being faced after the surgery which means that the cost of LASIK surgery would also reduce if taken in account with the overall cost for the patient.The cost of LASIK also hugely depends on the type of laser and technology that would most likely be used in the eye surgery. Right now the most commonly used laser is the excimer laser and is also considered to be least costly. This type of a laser is also highly reliable although a numerous other lasers have been introduced in the past years which are more advanced and would increase the cost of LASIK eye surgery. The level of skills that the surgeon is capable of also contribute towards the cost, that is, if the surgeon has highly developed skills then he would cost more whereas others with lower level of experience would cost less for the patients but usually patients want to be operated by experienced eye surgeons for more safety reasons and for a higher rate of successful operations. Also, the instruments and tools that are used by the surgeons greatly support the cost of LASIK which might increase or decrease depending on what type of instrument might be used.