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Power Quadrant System Review

por Rachel helhar Harvey (2019-02-11)

I remember too, how I used toPower Quadrant System stand at the top of the stairs, waiting for something or someone to push me down. I didn't trust myself to go any further then and certainly didn't trust the Universe to make sure I was safe now. Usually when I tumbled apathetically and reluctantly, I found myself only part way down those stairs with minor cuts and bruises, whimpering and crawling back up. It was all a lovely little victim routine and I was really good at pretending I knew what that basement looked like even though I'd never been all the way. All projection, all made-up, plain and simple. Honestly, I still really liked toiling endlessly each day to make everything look perfect.Who needed the ease and flow of Universal rhythms and support anyway? I was assured by my past experience that effort was a way of life, no way around it. I found out later that effort and manifesting are really two different things.Besides, ever striving to set things in motion had its benefits. And I could practically pinpoint each one of those benefits and situations from grammar school to adulthood, all the way through the time I was 43 years old. Up until that point, I usually got exactly what I wanted in this very premeditated and goal-oriented manner, until one day it slowly stopped. And even though this train had been arriving for nearly a decade, I continued to use all of my learned controls; at least I gave it my best shot.There was one thing to which I had not adjusted. The stakes were gradually getting higher at the same rate of speed the train was breaking; my desires were morphing and suddenly it seemed, I wanted intangibles. I couldn't outline these desires, nor could I draw practical boxes in which to store them any longer. If I couldn't organize them, how could I possibly create them?