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The Devotion System Review

por Rachel helhar Harvey (2019-02-09)

When it comes to attracting young women, a lot of older men think that they're absolutely hopeless. They see attractive The Devotion System knew how to ask them on a date, but they just can't. They think that women in their twenties only want to date men in their twenties, and that it'd just be embarrassing to ask, because they'd be rejected in a second. When I hear older men talking like that, I just want to shake my head. That is not how it works at all. Those men are failing to look at it from her perspective.There are a few things that young women are looking for in a man to date. Older men already have the most important one. And the other ones can be easily acquired. So what do younger women want? Mainly? They want maturity. Women, generally, mature a whole lot faster than men do. A twenty year old women is pretty much all grown up, whereas a twenty year old man is pretty much still a kid. As an older man, you're actually really mature though. She'll know it isn't just some act that you're putting on to impress her; you're actually a full grown man, unlike the guys her age.So that's your advantage. There are a couple other things that young women are looking for though, and they're pretty similar no matter what age the woman. First off, women love a bit of mystery, especially when it comes to the men they date. If you can start hanging around with a young woman, but not let her know you're attracted to her or interested in her, you will be able to get her thinking about you when you aren't around. Wondering about you, and starting to become attracted to you.And finally, women do look for a bit of playfulness in men. This is the one area where the younger men might have an advantage over you, but trust me, maturity is much more important than playfulness, as long as you're capable of being a little playful. If you can participate in the same fun activities as her, then you're good to go, and the fact that you're all grown up and you've gotten past several of the things that younger men are still struggling with will really attract a lot of young women. Good luck